Temple Management, Inc.
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Repair Procedures
Upon receiving your estimate from one of our locations you will be asked if you would like to take a tour of our facility and see the repair procedures your vehicle will be going through.

- First thing we do is assign your vehicle to a technician who then disassembles the damaged area and compares it to our estimate we wrote for you earlier.
- Since we can't see all the damage done to the vehicle just by looking at it, nine times out of ten we will find more damage after we do a teardown.
- Before starting repairs we contact your insurance company, if any, along with yourself about any further damage we might need your approval on.
- Once you've approved the repairs the technician will start the work.
- From the technician your vehicle will go to the paint department where they will prep your vehicle for paint.
- Once painted the technician will put your vehicle back together and it's off to the detail department to be washed.
- From the detail department your vehicle will be quality checked and test drove, if needed, by your estimator and shop manager.
- After your vehicle is 100% accurate it will go to the front lot to be picked up.
Our facilities are equipped to do the following:

Unibody Repair & Two & Four Wheel Alignment

A/C Repair & Recharge

Mechanical Repairs
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